Cat Breeds

Russian Blue cat sitting on top of her scratching post.

Russian Blue Cat Breed

This graceful, friendly but self-sufficient cat does not demand too much attention and can be shy around strangers. The most widely accepted version of this breed’s ancestry suggests that it originated around the Russian port of Archangel, just below the Arctic Circle. Supposedly brought to western Europe by sailors, the Russian Blue was attracting interest …

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Chartreux cat resting on a black sheet.

Chartreux Cat Breed

A chunky but agile breed with a “smiley” expression, the Chartreux is loyal and makes a great companion. Just how far back the history of this very old French breed goes is open to debate. The Chartreux was first named in the mid-18th century and some legends link it to the Carthusian monks, makers of …

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Snowshoe cat looking up.

Snowshoe Cat Breed

This aptly named Colorpointed cat with distinctive white feet is talkative, easygoing, and enjoys being around people. The white feet that define the Snowshoe were originally a “mistake,” first seen in a litter of kittens born to a normal colorpoint Siamese. Their American breeder, Dorothy Hinds-Daugherty of Philadelphia, liked them enough to develop the striking …

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Seychellois cat sitting on furniture.

Seychellois Cat Breed

A lively, energetic, overtly loving, and outgoing cat, this breed is not for owners who prefer a quiet life. This comparatively new breed, not yet recognized worldwide, was specially created in the UK to resemble the distinctively patterned cats found in the Seychelles. The first crosses were between a Siamese and a calico Persian; later, …

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