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Cornish Rex Cat Breed
This inquisitive, athletic cat has a curled coat that extends from the whiskers to the tail, and is a lively[...]
Turkish Vankedisi Cat Breed
This rare breed, an all-white variant of the Turkish Van, is friendly and needs little encouragement to play. This cat[...]
Ragdoll Cat Breed
This large, laid-back cat is remarkably well-behaved and amenable, making it perfect for people with busy lifestyles. The name is[...]
British Shorthair-Tortie Cat Breed
The mingled colors in this cat’s coat give the breed an unusual marbled appearance. In a tortoiseshell (tortie), two coat[...]
Persian—Golden Cat Breed
Once regarded as the “wrong” color, this cat is now considered to be one of the prettiest Persians. Recognized as[...]
Persian—Cameo Bicolor Cat Breed
This lovely breed is truly a Persian—an elegant, graceful, and gentle cat distinguished by its remarkable coat. The color combinations[...]
American Shorthair Cat Breed
A robust, easy-care cat, this breed is known for its sweet personality and amiability with children, dogs, and other pets.[...]
Havana Cat Breed
A gentle, playful cat, this breed enjoys an indoor life and adapts to any situation with poise and confidence. A[...]
Persian—Tortie and Calico Cat Breed
These rare and sought-after Persians come in a wonderful palette of colors, but they can be difficult to breed. Tortoiseshell[...]
Balinese-Javanese Cat Breed
Insatiably curious and fearless, this confident, talkative, and attention-seeking cat demands a place in the family. This enchanting cat is[...]
Highlander Cat Breed
This active, energetic, and playful breed loves to be the center of attention and provides plenty of entertainment. This recently[...]
Chausie Cat Breed
A slender and slinky cat, this charismatic breed is energetic and needs an owner who can give it plenty of[...]

Cat Care

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7 Health Benefits of Being a Cat Owner

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- You'll Sleep Better -

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