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Kanaani Cat Breed
This athletic and muscular, yet elegant cat is very active and retains some of the wild nature of its ancestors.[...]
European Shorthair Cat Breed
A fine domestic cat with an air of quality, this breed is calm and reserved and is said to be[...]
American Ringtail Cat Breed
This athletic and plush-coated cat with a twist in its tail is friendly, but it can be reserved with strangers.[...]
Chantilly/Tiffany Cat Breed
A relatively rare breed with a soft, full, richly colored coat, this loyal, easygoing cat is not overly demanding. The[...]
Ragamuffin Cat Breed
This massively built, big-hearted, and delightfully calm cat forms strong bonds and loves to please its owner. This comparatively recent[...]
Mekong Bobtail Cat Breed
This little-known breed with an attractive Siamese-pointed coat is active and affectionate, and it makes a good pet. Named after[...]
Siamese-Solid-Pointed Cat Breed
Its unique looks and personality make this intelligent and extroverted breed one of the most recognizable cats. The history of[...]
American Bobtail Cat Breed
Big and beautiful, this cat is an excellent and highly adaptable companion, without being too demanding. The breeding of domestic[...]
LaPerm Longhair Cat Breed
This clever, captivating cat is gentle and affectionate and adores human company, making it an ideal family pet. An ordinary[...]
Kurilian Bobtail Cat Breed
This sturdy, strong-limbed cat with a quirky tail is clever and sociable. Native to the Kuril Islands, which form a[...]
Persian—Golden Cat Breed
Once regarded as the “wrong” color, this cat is now considered to be one of the prettiest Persians. Recognized as[...]
American Shorthair Cat Breed
A robust, easy-care cat, this breed is known for its sweet personality and amiability with children, dogs, and other pets.[...]

Cat Care

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7 Health Benefits of Being a Cat Owner

- They Can Lower Your Risk Of Heart Disease -

- Their Purring Helps To Heal Bones, Tendons And Muscles -

- You'll Sleep Better -

- They'll Make You More Attractive (To Women) -

- They Reduce Stress And Anxiety -

- Cats Mean Fewer Allergies (For Your Kids) -

- Even Just Watching Cat Videos Is Good For You -

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