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Donskoy Cat Breed
Despite its otherworldly looks, this active breed is gentle and extremely friendly, and has a lovable nature. The founder of[...]
Persian—Blue and Odd-eyed Bicolor Cat Breed
These uncommon Persians are hard to find but their popularity is on the rise. Accepted in the cat-fancy world only[...]
Mandalay Cat Breed
This glossy-coated beauty is playful and fearless and may be seen attempting feats beyond its capabilities. In the 1980s, two[...]
Most cats have short hair, whether they are large or small, wild or domestic. This is an evolutionary development that[...]
Norwegian Forest Cat Breed
Contrary to its big, tough, and burly appearance, this cat is gentle and well-mannered and loves to stay at home.[...]
Asian-Tabby Cat Breed
This charming cat has a friendly disposition, making it a good choice for a family home, despite its inquisitive nature.[...]
Ragamuffin Cat Breed
This massively built, big-hearted, and delightfully calm cat forms strong bonds and loves to please its owner. This comparatively recent[...]
Siamese-Tabby-Pointed Cat Breed
This stunning variation of the world’s most famous cat is playful and content to spend long hours on its own.[...]
Devon Rex Cat Breed
Nicknamed the “Pixie cat,” this mischievous breed has an abundance of energy and possesses doglike qualities. A curly-coated feral tom[...]
Abyssinian Cat Breed
A loyal and loving pet, this slinky, graceful cat is curious, full of energy, and needs space to play and[...]
Oriental – Tortie Cat Breed
This breed has a patterned coat and is affectionate, bold, and almost always playful. According to an illustrated manuscript, The[...]
Pixiebob Longhair Cat Breed
This large, athletic breed resembles the wild bobcat found in North America, but it bonds well with its human family.[...]

Cat Care

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Controlling Internal Parasites
Left undetected and untreated, intestinal parasites can rob or cat of much-needed nutrients, can cause severe gastrointestinal upset, and can[...]

7 Health Benefits of Being a Cat Owner

- They Can Lower Your Risk Of Heart Disease -

- Their Purring Helps To Heal Bones, Tendons And Muscles -

- You'll Sleep Better -

- They'll Make You More Attractive (To Women) -

- They Reduce Stress And Anxiety -

- Cats Mean Fewer Allergies (For Your Kids) -

- Even Just Watching Cat Videos Is Good For You -

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