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Persian—Tabby Tricolor Cat Breed
A breed with rich tabby coloring, this gentle cat loves to be the center of attention. This lovely variation of[...]
Asian-Burmilla Cat Breed
An enchanting cat with delightful looks and temperament, this breed gets along well with children and other pets. When the[...]
Ural Rex Cat Breed
This unusual-looking rex breed is not yet widely known, but its adaptable temperament makes it suitable for most homes. The[...]
Oriental-Solid Cat Breed
Bred to combine Siamese lines with traditional solid colors, this cat is highly curious and loves to explore its surroundings.[...]
Scottish Fold Longhair Cat Breed
This charming, sociable cat, with a delightful “owl-faced” appearance, thrives on attention. The tightly folded-down ears of this rare breed[...]
Bombay Cat Breed
This pint-sized “black panther” has glossy fur and striking copper eyes; it is not as vocal as other Asian cats.[...]
Oriental – Smoke Cat Breed
A combination of curiosity and intelligence, this striking Oriental is always prepared for a good chase. In 1971, a cross[...]
Pixiebob Cat Breed
Despite its fierce looks, this hefty and muscular cat has a sweet temperament and is very affectionate and social. Like[...]
Egyptian Mau Cat Breed
This strikingly patterned cat, with an alert expression and royal bearing, is the only naturally spotted domestic breed. This cat[...]
Russian Blue Cat Breed
This graceful, friendly but self-sufficient cat does not demand too much attention and can be shy around strangers. The most[...]
Savannah Cat Breed
A tall, graceful cat with a strikingly unusual appearance, the Savannah is highly curious and can be very demanding. One[...]
Peterbald Cat Breed
This elegant, graceful breed has a variety of coat types, is vocal and friendly, and loves to be the center[...]

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7 Health Benefits of Being a Cat Owner

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- Their Purring Helps To Heal Bones, Tendons And Muscles -

- You'll Sleep Better -

- They'll Make You More Attractive (To Women) -

- They Reduce Stress And Anxiety -

- Cats Mean Fewer Allergies (For Your Kids) -

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