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Persian—Silver Tabby Cat Breed
A silky, silvery-coated version of the traditional tabby, this is one of the most attractive longhairs. Some of the most[...]
Siberian Cat Breed
Russia’s national cat, this large, heavy-coated breed is very agile and loves to play, but it is slow to reach[...]
Asian-Burmilla Cat Breed
An enchanting cat with delightful looks and temperament, this breed gets along well with children and other pets. When the[...]
Siamese-Tabby-Pointed Cat Breed
This stunning variation of the world’s most famous cat is playful and content to spend long hours on its own.[...]
LaPerm Cat Breed
This bright and inquisitive cat enjoys human contact and has a kittenish energy that it retains into adulthood. This rex-coated[...]
Kanaani Cat Breed
This athletic and muscular, yet elegant cat is very active and retains some of the wild nature of its ancestors.[...]
European Shorthair Cat Breed
A fine domestic cat with an air of quality, this breed is calm and reserved and is said to be[...]
Highlander Cat Breed
This active, energetic, and playful breed loves to be the center of attention and provides plenty of entertainment. This recently[...]
Birman Cat Breed
This cat is quiet and gentle but highly responsive to an owner’s attention, and it makes a loving companion. With[...]
Korat Cat Breed
This enchanting cat has a long and proud history and makes a good family pet, but it can be strong-willed[...]
Munchkin Cat Breed
Friendly and sweet in temperament, the short–legged Munchkin is highly sociable and loves playing with toys. The feline equivalent of[...]
British Longhair Cat Breed
This chunky, handsome cat has a long, flowing coat and a happy-go-lucky nature. Known as the Lowlander in the US[...]

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7 Health Benefits of Being a Cat Owner

- They Can Lower Your Risk Of Heart Disease -

- Their Purring Helps To Heal Bones, Tendons And Muscles -

- You'll Sleep Better -

- They'll Make You More Attractive (To Women) -

- They Reduce Stress And Anxiety -

- Cats Mean Fewer Allergies (For Your Kids) -

- Even Just Watching Cat Videos Is Good For You -

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