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Chantilly/Tiffany Cat Breed
A relatively rare breed with a soft, full, richly colored coat, this loyal, easygoing cat is not overly demanding. The[...]
Nebelung Cat Breed
An affectionate breed that likes a secure routine, this cat prefers the company of its family and is shy with[...]
Khao Manee Cat Breed
An extroverted and intelligent breed, this cat is highly curious and will eagerly explore its surroundings. The “white jewel,” as[...]
Bombay Cat Breed
This pint-sized “black panther” has glossy fur and striking copper eyes; it is not as vocal as other Asian cats.[...]
Highlander Longhair Cat Breed
This rare breed with striking looks is family-loving, playful, and extremely energetic and enjoys a game of chase. With its[...]
Manx Cat Breed
Best known of the tailless cats, this breed is popular for its quiet charm and makes a great family companion.[...]
LaPerm Longhair Cat Breed
This clever, captivating cat is gentle and affectionate and adores human company, making it an ideal family pet. An ordinary[...]
Mandalay Cat Breed
This glossy-coated beauty is playful and fearless and may be seen attempting feats beyond its capabilities. In the 1980s, two[...]
Korat Cat Breed
This enchanting cat has a long and proud history and makes a good family pet, but it can be strong-willed[...]
Tiffanie Cat Breed
Bright and fun-loving, this breed makes an ideal companion and will happily wait for its owner to come home. Formerly[...]
Siberian Cat Breed
Russia’s national cat, this large, heavy-coated breed is very agile and loves to play, but it is slow to reach[...]
Kanaani Cat Breed
This athletic and muscular, yet elegant cat is very active and retains some of the wild nature of its ancestors.[...]

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7 Health Benefits of Being a Cat Owner

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- You'll Sleep Better -

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