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Chausie Cat Breed
A slender and slinky cat, this charismatic breed is energetic and needs an owner who can give it plenty of[...]
American Bobtail Longhair Cat Breed
This wildcat look-alike has a home-loving personality, is affectionate and loving, but not too demanding on its owner. According to[...]
Siberian Cat Breed
Russia’s national cat, this large, heavy-coated breed is very agile and loves to play, but it is slow to reach[...]
Mandalay Cat Breed
This glossy-coated beauty is playful and fearless and may be seen attempting feats beyond its capabilities. In the 1980s, two[...]
Persian—Chinchilla Cat Breed
This silvery-coated breed with its movie-star looks is renowned for its beauty and is a popular choice for a pet.[...]
Oriental – Shaded Cat Breed
This delicately patterned cat with an unusual beauty is a natural entertainer, full of energy and enthusiasm. The chance mating[...]
Oriental – Smoke Cat Breed
A combination of curiosity and intelligence, this striking Oriental is always prepared for a good chase. In 1971, a cross[...]
Turkish Angora Cat Breed
This breed may look delicately built, but it has a strong character and enjoys lots of family interaction. Records indicate[...]
Oriental – Tabby Cat Breed
This lively cat combines streamlined looks with a range of beautiful tabby patterns and does not like to be ignored.[...]
Oriental-Bicolor Cat Breed
This lithe and slender cat with an often dramatic coloring has a strong personality, and it can be quite talkative.[...]
California Spangled Cat Breed
Although this cat has exotic “jungle” looks and strong hunting instincts, it has a far from fierce personality. This designer[...]
Pixiebob Longhair Cat Breed
This large, athletic breed resembles the wild bobcat found in North America, but it bonds well with its human family.[...]

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7 Health Benefits of Being a Cat Owner

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- Their Purring Helps To Heal Bones, Tendons And Muscles -

- You'll Sleep Better -

- They'll Make You More Attractive (To Women) -

- They Reduce Stress And Anxiety -

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