Cat Care

Kitten in a recovery suit.

Postsurgical Care for Cats

Following any type of surgery, you should receive specific instructions from your veterinarian as to the type of postsurgical care your pet requires. It is important to follow these instructions closely to ensure an uneventful recovery. Postsurgical instructions include: Do not give your pet food or water for 30 minutes after arriving at home. To …

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Front legs of a cat sitting on the parquet floor.

Declawing Cats

The decision as to whether to have a cat declawed is certainly a controversial one, yet it is one that needs to be made based on individual circumstances. For indoor cats that refuse to stick to their scratching post, declawing is certainly a better solution than drug therapy or worse yet, eviction from the home. …

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Cat with yellow eyes with an e-collar.

Neutering Cats

Ovariohysterectomy (OHE) involves the surgical removal of the ovaries and uterus from an intact female dog or cat. The common term assigned to this procedure is “spaying.” OHE is a preferred method of birth control in pets, since it is easy to do and ensures 100 percent sterility. Most veterinarians require a cat to be …

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Cat getting a nail trimming.

Nail Trimming

As part of a routine grooming program, you should perform a nail trim on your cat, every 2 to 3 weeks. The procedure itself is easy, assuming you have the right equipment and that your pet agrees to cooperate. If your pet refuses to hold still for its manicure, let a veterinary assistant perform the …

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White cat taking a bath.

How to Bathe a Cat

Cats should be bathed when one or more of the following situations develop: Accumulation of excessive dirt, grease, or other foreign substances on the skin and coat   Build-up of waxy sebum (seborrhea), which often leads to body odor Accumulation of skin scale (dandruff) s Skin infections Cats with normal, healthy skin and hair coats …

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Orange cat in a gym between two dumbbells.

Weight Reduction

If your pet is overweight, simply cutting back on the amount you feed will not do the trick. In fact, doing so could conceivably lead to a mild state of malnutrition and cause your cat to be constantly hungry (and begging!). Cats that are malnourished can develop serious liver disease as a result. Instead of …

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