Cat Care

Cat eating from an orange bowl.

Food and Feeding

1. Essential Nutrition 2. Vitamins and Micronutrients 3. Types of Food 4. Home-Cooked Food 5. Water 6. Foods to Avoid 7. When and How Much to Feed 8. The Right Balance 9. Life Changes 10. An Ideal Weight 11. Giving Treats A well-fed and well-nourished cat is a happy cat. Although the occasional  mouse caught …

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Kitten chasing a butterfly on the lawn.

Going Outdoors

Cats are independent and prefer to live on their own terms. But as an owner it is your responsibility to decide whether your cat can be allowed to roam outdoors. There are hazards on the far side of the catflap, such as traffic and other animals, that you can do little to protect your cat …

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Cat sitting on chair looking at a vase with flowers.

Living Indoors

If you decide that the indoor life will best provide your cat with long-term security and happiness, you must take stock of your home surroundings and lifestyle. While you cannot make a house completely cat-proof, you will need to take certain precautions. You must also be prepared to organize your cat’s exercise and entertainment. Indoor …

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Fluffy cat sitting in a basket.

Preparing for Arrival

Getting a new pet is a big event and all concerned are bound to feel a little anxious and excited. Make sure your house is ready for a cat or kitten. A little preparation will turn your home into a safe environment for the new arrival. Plan ahead and stay calm—most cats settle in very …

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