Cat Care

Three kittens analyzing a stethoscope.

A Healthy Cat

From the very first day, get to know your cat’s usual physical condition and normal behavior so that you recognize good health and can quickly detect any signs of illness. By monitoring your cat for changes in activity or behavior, you can spot illness or injury at an early stage. Similarly, a vet can assess …

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Cat with lazy eye resting on the floor.

Inherited Disorders

Inherited disorders are genetic problems that are passed on from one generation to the next. There are certain disorders associated with particular breeds; a few of the most important are described here. Why Do Genetic Problems Occur? Inherited disorders result from faults in a cat’s genes—sections of DNA inside cells that hold the “instructions” for …

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Cat with blue eyes resting.

Responsible Breeding

Breeding pedigree cats may sound like an enjoyable, and potentially lucrative, endeavor, but it is a serious commitment. Most successful breeders have years of experience behind them. If you decide to go ahead, be ready to spend a lot of time and money on research, preparation, and caring for your pregnant cat and her newborn …

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Black cat playing with a hand of a man.

Behavioral Problems

Unacceptable behavior in a pet cat—such as scratching furniture, inappropriate soiling, or sudden displays of aggression—should be investigated. It may be a sign that a cat has issues that are affecting his welfare and possibly his physical health. Your job as an owner is to try to find out whether the behavior is caused by …

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Cat on exercise wheel.

Training Your Cat

Cats are naturally active and need plenty of stimulation to ensure both mental and physical well-being. Teaching your cat good behavior and playing games are positive ways of interacting with your cat. Kind, effective training involves setting up house rules, rewarding “good” behavior, and ignoring “bad” behavior. This in turn will make it easier for …

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Orange cat playing with a string on the carpet.

Importance of Play

Cats need some excitement in their lives to ensure their physical and mental well-being—especially indoor pets that are left alone at home all day. With a little thought and commitment, you can give your cat a fun home life. Playing games together is a positive way of interacting with your cat, but you should also …

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Child offering a green toy to a cat.

Socializing Your Cat

By nature, cats are solitary creatures, although some cats are able to live quite happily in groups. Bringing a new cat into your home may change his whole outlook on the people and other animals around him. If you make introductions carefully and sensitively, your cat will grow into a confident, friendly animal that can …

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Spotted cat hissing.

Understanding Your Cat

Cats are generally solitary animals. Highly independent, they have developed subtle and complex ways of behaving and communicating that often send confusing messages to their owners. Cats do, however, have a range of other signals that you can learn to interpret. Facial Expressions and Body Language Your cat will give you signals using his ears, …

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Cat being petted by a man.

How to Handle Your Cat

Cats are notoriously choosy about who they will allow to touch them, let alone  pick them up and pet them. Some cats simply do not like being picked up at all, and will struggle to get free. There are right and wrong ways to handle a cat—learn how  to do it correctly and the chances …

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