Two California Spangled cats sitting together.

California Spangled Cat Breed

Although this cat has exotic “jungle” looks and strong hunting instincts, it has a far from fierce personality.

This designer cat is a miniature reproduction of wild cats such as the leopard and ocelot. It was created by a conservation enthusiast, Paul Casey, specifically to discourage the killing of wild animals for their fur. Casey reasoned that if people related spotted fur to their own pet cats they would feel distaste for the destruction of wildlife in the name of fashion.

The California Spangled was bred by using a variety of domestic cats, and it has no wild cat species in its makeup. Hunting and playing are what this active cat enjoys most, but it is also sociable, affectionate, and easy to handle.

Origin: US, 1970s

Breed registries: None

Weight range: 9–15lb (4–7kg)

Grooming: Weekly

Colors and patterns: Spotted tabby; ground colors include silver, bronze, gold, red, blue, black, brown, charcoal, and white.