Turkish Angora cats resting together.

Turkish Angora Cat Breed

This breed may look delicately built, but it has a strong character and enjoys lots of family interaction.

Records indicate that this native Turkish breed probably reached France and the UK some time around the 17th century. Widely used in the development of other longhaired cats such as Persians, especially during the early 20th century, the Turkish Angora as a breed became so diluted that it almost ceased to exist, except in its own country.

In Turkey, the cat had been given greater protection, and by the 1950s purebred Angoras were being sent around Europe and to the US. Still rare, the Angora is one of the most exquisite of all longhaired cats, with its fine bone structure and exceptionally soft, glistening coat.

Origin: Turkey, 16th century

Breed registries: CFA, FIFe, TICA

Weight range: 6–11lb (2.5–5kg)

Grooming: 2–3 times a week

Colors and patterns: Many solid colors and shades; patterns include tabby, tortie, and bicolor.