Chinese Li Hua cat sitting on the floor.

Chinese Li Hua Cat Breed

One of the earliest known breed of domestic cat, this perky cat needs an active owner and sufficient space to roam.

Cats fitting the description of the Li Hua, or Dragon Li, as it is also called, appear to have been common in China for centuries. In the wider world, however, this cat is a newcomer, recognized as an experimental breed only since 2003, although it is beginning to attract international interest.

The Chinese Li Hua is a large cat with a muscular build and a beautifully marked tabby coat. Although not particularly demonstrative, it makes a friendly and faithful pet. This active cat, which has a reputation as a clever hunter, needs space to exercise and is not suited to a confined life in an apartment.

In China, one of these cats was taught to fetch the morning paper.

Origin: China, 2000s

Breed registries: CFA

Weight range: 9–11lb (4–5kg)

Grooming: Weekly

Colors and patterns: Brown mackerel tabby only.