Pixiebob cat next to a piece of wood.

Pixiebob Cat Breed

Despite its fierce looks, this hefty and muscular cat has a sweet temperament and is very affectionate and social.

Like the mountain bobcat from which it derives its name, the Pixiebob has a thick coat, tufted ears, a pointed face, and a powerful body, and it moves with loose-limbed grace. A common feature of this breed—which, unusually, is accepted in the breed standard—is the occurrence of extra toes (polydactylism) on one or more paws.

Both the Pixiebob shorthair and a longhaired variant have richly colored, spotted coats that complete the illusion of a wildcat. Despite appearances, the Pixiebob is entirely domestic in character, loves family life, clings to its owners, plays with children, and good-naturedly accepts other pets.

Origin: US, 1980s

Breed registries: TICA

Weight range: 9–18lb (4–8kg)

Grooming: Weekly

Colors and patterns: Brown-spotted tabby only.