British Shorthair-Colorpointed cat resting.

British Shorthair-Colorpointed Cat Breed

This traditional breed, with a new look, loves children and gets along with dogs, making it an ideal housecat.

The most recent of the British Shorthair variations, the Colorpoint was recognized only in 1991. This unusual cat is the result of experimental crossbreeding to produce a British Shorthair with the pointed coat pattern of the Siamese.

Various attractive colors have been developed and, like the Siamese, all types have blue eyes, although the stocky build and round head typical of the Shorthair remain unchanged. Because of the similarities in name, the British Shorthair Colorpoint is sometimes confused with an Oriental-type American breed called the Colorpoint Shorthair.

Origin: UK, 1800s

Breed registries: FIFe, GCCF, TICA,

Weight range: 9–18 lb (4–8 kg)

Grooming: Weekly

Colors and patterns: Various point colors, including blue-cream, seal, red, chocolate, and lilac; also with tabby and tortie patterns.