Three Persian—Tabby Tricolor cats sitting together.

Persian—Tabby Tricolor Cat Breed

A breed with rich tabby coloring, this gentle cat loves to be the center of attention.

This lovely variation of the Persian combines sparkling white with the warm colors of the tabby. Two types of markings are accepted: classic tabby (sometimes called blotched tabby), in which the markings appear as large, smudged areas; and mackerel tabby, which is marked with thinner dark streaks or stripes.

Tabby Bicolor and Tricolor Persians were first given championship status in the 1980s, and their beautiful markings, softly blurred by the lush coat, have made them firm favorites with cat breeders and owners.

To conform to the breed standard, the white should extend over the feet, legs, undersides, chest, and muzzle.

Origin: UK, post 1900

Breed registries: CFA, FIFe, GCCF, TICA

Weight range: 8–15lb (3.5–7kg)

Grooming: 2–3 times a week

Colors and patterns: Classic and mackerel tabby pattern, in various colors with white.