Thai cat sitting.

Thai Cat Breed

Highly intelligent and curious, this talkative breed loves people and requires a lot of attention from its owner.

Lithe and elegant, with points that come in many colors, the Thai was bred to resemble the traditional Siamese cat of the 1950s, before it began to develop a more extreme, elongated appearance.

The defining feature of the Thai is its head, which has a long, flat forehead, rounded cheeks, and a tapering, wedge-shaped muzzle. This cat is very active and intelligent, investigating everything and following its owner everywhere.

It is good at communicating both vocally and in actions, and will persist in getting a response.The breed is not suitable for a home where it will be left alone for long periods.

Known as the Wichienmaat in Thailand, this breed is similar to the old-style Siamese.

Origin: Europe, 1990s

Breed registries: TICA

Weight range: 6–12lb (2.5–5.5kg)

Grooming: Weekly

Colors and patterns: Any point colors, including tabby and tortie, with pale ground color.