Ragamuffin cat resting.

Ragamuffin Cat Breed

This massively built, big-hearted, and delightfully calm cat forms strong bonds and loves to please its owner.

This comparatively recent breed has a complicated history but it emerged as a new development of the better-known Ragdoll. The Ragamuffin is a huge cat, a true gentle giant that fits in placidly with families of all types.

It thrives on affection and its docile temperament makes it an excellent pet for children. The Ragamuffin is not without a sense of fun and is easily persuaded to play with toys. This cat’s dense, silky fur is not prone to matting, and short, regular grooming sessions will keep the coat in good condition.

Origin: US, late 20th century

Breed registries: CFA, GCCF

Weight range: 10–20lb (4.5–9kg)

Grooming: 2–3 times a week

Colors and patterns: All solid colors in bicolor, tortie, and tabby patterns.