Black cat commercial logo.

Cat’s Selling Power

Advertising campaigns have been using cats for more than a century. As early as 1904, a black cat was adopted as the image for a brand of cigarette. Today, two enormous black cat sculptures sit at the entrance of the tobacco company’s former factory in London.

Cats of all types label pet foods; and as they also make excellent images for suggesting ease and comfort, they are a natural choice for promoting deep-pile carpets, luxurious furniture, and home-heating systems.

A black cat may seem an odd choice of image for a brand of fireworks—most cats are terrified of the bangs—but as a lucky symbol it appears to have worked. The manufacturers are one of the largest and most successful fireworks producers in the world.

In fashion shoots, slinky pedigree felines, the epitome of style and grace, are a perfect complement to elegant models advertising designer perfumes, clothes, and accessories.