Cat Breeds

Pixiebob cat next to a piece of wood.

Pixiebob Cat Breed

Despite its fierce looks, this hefty and muscular cat has a sweet temperament and is very affectionate and social. Like the mountain bobcat from which it derives its name, the Pixiebob has a thick coat, tufted ears, a pointed face, and a powerful body, and it moves with loose-limbed grace. A common feature of this …

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Manx kitten breed on a sofa.

Manx Cat Breed

Best known of the tailless cats, this breed is popular for its quiet charm and makes a great family companion. Few breeds have as many stories about their origins as the tailless Manx. Among the more colorful legends, this cat is supposed to have lost its tail in an accident on Noah’s Ark. In reality, …

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American Bobtail cat on a table.

American Bobtail Cat Breed

Big and beautiful, this cat is an excellent and highly adaptable companion, without being too demanding. The breeding of domestic bobtail cats native to the US has been reported several times since about the middle of the 20th century, but so far only this one has been fully recognized. There is also a longer-haired version, …

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Mekong Bobtail cat in a dark background.

Mekong Bobtail Cat Breed

This little-known breed with an attractive Siamese-pointed coat is active and affectionate, and it makes a good pet. Named after the great Mekong River that flows through China, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam, this short-tailed cat occurs naturally over a wide area of Southeast Asia. The Mekong Bobtail was developed as an experimental breed in Russia …

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American Curl cat sitting.

American Curl Cat Breed

Elegant and engaging, this cat is curious and exuberant, and its kittenlike personality makes it a loving companion. The first American Curls were longhaired like the founding female of the breed, which was discovered in California. The shorthaired version was developed later and is essentially the same cat in a different coat. Big-eyed and elegantly …

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Highlander walking on the edge of a furniture.

Highlander Cat Breed

This active, energetic, and playful breed loves to be the center of attention and provides plenty of entertainment. This recently developed breed, which also comes in a longhaired version, is still extremely rare. It has distinctive looks, with a big body, short tail, and dense coat. Most noticeable of all are the Highlander’s large, curled …

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Scottish Fold cat resting.

Scottish Fold Cat Breed

This quiet and companionable breed with unique folded ears is very loyal and gets along well with children. Due to a rare genetic mutation, the ears of this breed fold forward to fit like a cap over the skull, producing a unique round-headed look. The first Fold cat to be discovered was an all-white, long-haired …

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Bambino cat posing next to a peach.

Bambino Cat Breed

This strange-looking new breed is gentle but lively, has an affectionate personality, and makes an amusing companion. This 21st-century experimental dwarf breed is one of the most extraordinary of all designer cats. Developed in the US as a hybrid of the Munchkin and the hairless Sphynx, the Bambino is extremely short-legged with large ears and …

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