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Lambkin Dwarf cat named Lazer.

Lambkin Dwarf Cat Breed

Sweet and easy-to-keep, this cat is very gentle, active, and a good jumper, despite having very short legs. This little-known hybrid dwarf cat is a cross between the short-legged Munchkin and the curly-coated Selkirk Rex. It is sometimes known as the Nanus (meaning “dwarf”) Rex. Still regarded as experimental, the Lambkin Dwarf is rare because …

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Kinkalow cat near a yellow apple.

Kinkalow Cat Breed

This new and rare breed is said to be intelligent and playful, and it enjoys an owner’s lap. A designer dwarf cat, the Kinkalow was deliberately created in the 1990s by crossing the Munchkin with the American Curl. This still-experimental breed ideally should have the small, compact body and ultra-short legs of the Munchkin, combined …

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Munchkin cat sitting.

Munchkin Cat Breed

Friendly and sweet in temperament, the short–legged Munchkin is highly sociable and loves playing with toys. The feline equivalent of Dachshunds, Munchkins are instantly recognizable by their short legs and low-slung bodies. The first Munchkins were bred in Louisiana in the 1980s. The exceptionally short legs arose as a random mutation—short-legged cats have occurred naturally …

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Shorthair cat resting.


Most cats have short hair, whether they are large or small, wild or domestic. This is an evolutionary development that makes sense for a natural predator relying on stealth and the occasional burst of speed. A hunting cat is more efficient in a short coat because it can glide unhampered through dense terrain and move …

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