Mandalay kitten.

Mandalay Cat Breed

This glossy-coated beauty is playful and fearless and may be seen attempting feats beyond its capabilities.

In the 1980s, two breeders in New Zealand discovered independently that accidental matings between Burmese cats and domestic cats produced promising kittens. From these litters, they both went on to develop what is now known as the Mandalay, which has the same breed standard as the Burmese but a greater variety of coat colors.

Sleek, glossy, and golden-eyed, this lovely cat is best known in its native country. The Mandalay is very alert and active, and its lithe frame is packed with muscle. It is warmly affectionate toward its own family but inclined to be cautious with strangers.

Origin: New Zealand, 1980s

Breed registries: FIFe

Weight range: 8–14 lb (3.5–6.5 kg)

Grooming: Weekly

Colors and patterns: Many solid colors and patterns, including tabby and tortie.