Nebelung cat sitting in her bed.

Nebelung Cat Breed

An affectionate breed that likes a secure routine, this cat prefers the company of its family and is shy with strangers.

Developed in Denver, Colorado, in the late 20th century, the Nebelung is an outcross from the Russian Blue, deliberately bred to re-create the longhaired blue cats that were popular in the Victorian era. The breed’s name, taken from the German word nebel meaning haze or mist, is appropriate due to its softly glistening coat.

Naturally reserved and preferring a quiet environment, this cat may not settle well in a family of boisterous children. With sensitive handling, however, the Nebelung makes a devoted pet, anxious to keep its owners in sight and loving a lap to sit on.

Origin: US, 1980s

Breed registries: GCCF, TICA

Weight range: 6–11lb (2.5–5kg)

Grooming: 2–3 times a week

Colors and patterns: Blue, sometimes silvertipped.