Feline Acne

Superficial bacterial skin disease in cats can take on a number of appearances. Feline acne is perhaps the most common type seen in veterinary circles. This disease is characterized by infection of the hair follicles and the appearance of blackheads and/or pustules on the chins of affected cats.

Although the exact cause of this disorder remains unknown, many researchers feel that it is due to the cat’s inability to adequately groom this area.

Treatment for feline acne consists of clipping the hair away from the chin and scrubbing the chin daily with a mild antibacterial solution containing benzoyl peroxide or chlorhexidine.

Afterward, a drying agent such as alcohol or ear-cleansing solution should be applied to the chin. In severe instances, systemic antibiotics might be required to completely clear up an infection.

As far as other superficial skin infections are concerned, any at-home treatment that uses topical antibacterial creams or ointments should be first approved by a veterinarian.

Avoid those preparations containing hydrocortisone or other steroid compounds. In cases where the infection is spreading or is not responding to topical medications, then oral antibiotics will be required.