Turkish Vankedisi sitting.

Turkish Vankedisi Cat Breed

This rare breed, an all-white variant of the Turkish Van, is friendly and needs little encouragement to play.

This cat has its origins in the same region of Turkey as the Turkish Van, and it is distinguished from that breed only by the lack of the typical Van markings on its snow-white coat. In all other respects, it shares the characteristics of its relation.

The Turkish Vankedisi is rare anywhere in the world and is much prized in its native country. Like many all-white cats, the breed has a tendency to inherit deafness but it is nonetheless strong and active. Its pleasant temperament makes this cat an affectionate companion, but it demands plenty of attention.

Origin: Eastern Turkey, pre-1700

Breed registries: GCCF

Weight range: 7–19lb (3–8.5kg)

Grooming: 2–3 times a week

Colors and patterns: Pure white only.