Toyger cat stretching her leg.

Toyger Cat Breed

A breed developed in the 1990s by crossing a striped, shorthaired cat with a Bengal, the Toyger has a tiger-marked coat with random vertical stripes that are quite distinct from any other tabby pattern. Well built and muscular, this unique “toy tiger” moves with the flowing power and grace of a big jungle cat.

The Toyger is confident and outgoing but has a relaxed attitude to life, which allows it to fit in well with any household. Although active and athletic, this cat is easy to handle and can be taught to play games and to walk on a leash.

Origin: US, 1990s

Breed registries: TICA

Weight range: 12–22lb (5.5–10kg)

Grooming: Weekly

Colors and patterns: Brown mackerel tabby only.