The Richest Cats in the World

Choupette Grumpy Cat Tomasso Tara Maru


Maru is a Japanese cat sensation and has reached the seventh spot among top YouTube channels in Japan. His videos garner at least 800,000 views each, earning his family a 6 digit salary each year. This Scottish Fold cat has released videos that have hit a total of 300 million views.

There is little doubt that Maru is one of the most famous cats on the Internet. In his videos, his owners are almost never seen; the focus is entirely on the cat. All narrative is done with title cards in English and Japanese, describing the current situation and Maru’s feelings and reactions. Maru lives with another cat named Hana and the two get along well.

Many of the videos feature Maru engaged in simple behaviors, such as grooming and having his ears cleaned. When you watch the videos, you are under the impression that you’re not looking at an ordinary cat, but one that has a special spark or talent. People around the world love to watch Maru sliding across the floor, jumping playfully on a carpet, beating a drum with his tail, scratching the sink, or having fun outdoors.

Maru’s username is “mugumogu”; he has been a virtual gold mine for his owners with his explosive popularity on the web. Every box that Maru jumps into earns a plethora of likes and views. Maru has even made appearances on the Ellen Degeneres show as his owners discuss the history of this famous cat.

Maru was adopted at the young age of only 4 months; despite his age, he weighed no more than 5 pounds. Since his adoption he has gained a tremendous 7 pounds, currently weighing in around 12 pounds. He was appropriately named “Maru”, which means “round” in Japanese. Although the name seems to fit the cat, MuguMogu, Maru’s owner, had decided on the name before Maru was even adopted.

Viewers love to watch Maru jump in boxes, but his owners have been enjoying this sight for much longer. This behavior began when Maru was just a kitten and used boxes to help him learn to pounce. Despite the fact that most cats do not like to get wet, Maru enjoys playing with the water in the bathroom and will use his paws to splash around.

The cat has been keeping a blog since 2008, but his videos are what attracts millions of viewers; he has approximately 48,000 people viewing his YouTube channel.  When interviewed, Maru says that his human fell in love with him at first sight. He eats both wet and dry food, his favorite dishes being chicken and tuna, of course. He lives a life of leisure many people envy, including eating, sleeping, and lounging in luxury. His favorite thing to play with is a feather wand and he enjoys chasing small dogs, as well as human beings.

Maru doesn’t really notice that he’s famous, although his human tries to explain it to him. Maru doesn’t really care as long as he’s happy. His main activity is playing with inanimate objects and having fun with humans; he never really played with other cats until he got a kitty roommate. His favorite things in the world are boxes, but he also likes to hangout in a cat tree or a bathroom window.

For sleeping, Maru prefers small boxes, but when it comes to serious play, he needs a larger box. When the weather is warm, the cat enjoys playing in the backyard. The site of a harness makes him think of the great outdoors where he can enjoy sunbathing, hunting for bugs, and looking for fun things to do. However, Maru, who does not fear any box, however, big or any bug, however, small, feels nervous if there are birds flying over his head. His one message for his many fans all over the world is, “Thank you for loving me.”

Choupette Grumpy Cat Tomasso Tara Maru