The Richest Cats in the World

Choupette Grumpy Cat Tomasso Tara Maru


Tommaso is an Italian black cat who lives every feline’s dream. He was living in garbage cans on the streets of Rome, like the Eternal City’s many other feral cats, when a wealthy widow, who’d made millions in the real estate industry, adopted him. When Maria Assunta passed away in 2011, Tommaso inherited her entire $13 million estate, making him the richest cat in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Most of the money is in property, however, with homes and villas in Milan and Calabria. So, what does a cat do with all this money? Does he go to art auctions in Sotheby? Does he invest in high end real estate? According to Italian law, and animal cannot inherit directly, but it can be named a beneficiary when there is a trustee involved. A beneficiary organization has found a trustee to help manage Tommaso’s portfolio of properties and take care of Tommaso himself.

Some cats, like Tommaso, are in the right place at the right time and are fortunate enough to look adorable enough to win their way into the hearts of the rich and famous.

Choupette Grumpy Cat Tomasso Tara Maru