Black and white Oriental-Bicolor cat sitting on a table.

Oriental-Bicolor Cat Breed

This lithe and slender cat with an often dramatic coloring has a strong personality, and it can be quite talkative.

Breeders in the US initially developed this exciting addition to the Oriental Shorthair group through crosses that included a Siamese and a bicolor American Shorthair. In Europe, further programs experimented with other crosses to achieve the “right” look.

The first Oriental Bicolor in the UK arrived in 2004. This striking cat comes in a wonderful range of colors splashed over the coat in an endless variety of patterns; there is even a colorpointed, or Siamese, version.

The breed standard requires the white patching to cover at least one-third of the cat and to include the legs, underside, and muzzle.

Bicolor cats can have green-, blue-, or odd-colored (one blue and one green) eyes.

Origin: US, 1970s

Breed registries: FIFe, GCCF, TICA

Weight range: 9–14lb (4–6.5kg)

Grooming: Weekly

Colors and patterns: Various solid colors, shades, and patterns, including tabby, tortie, and some colorpoints, always with white areas.