Highlander Longhair cat resting on the floor.

Highlander Longhair Cat Breed

This rare breed with striking looks is family-loving, playful, and extremely energetic and enjoys a game of chase.

With its thick, almost shaggy coat, the Highlander longhair looks like a small lynx, although there are no wildcats in its breeding. This curly-eared newcomer on the cat scene is large and powerfully built, but moves with grace.

Full of life and energy, the Highlander longhair is not content to stay in the background, and owners—and other pets—will be pestered constantly to play.

Nonetheless, this is a gentle, affectionate cat that gets along well with children. The heavy coat requires regular grooming to prevent mats and tangling. There is a shorthaired version of the Highlander that is easier to maintain.

Origin: North America, 2000s

Breed registries: TICA

Weight range: 10–25lb (4.5–11kg)

Grooming: Daily

Colors and patterns: All colors in any tabby pattern, including colorpoints.