German Rex cat sitting.

German Rex Cat Breed

This breed bonds well with its owner and needs plenty of “quality time” with its human family.

A feral cat adopted in Berlin just after the end of World War II was the founding female of this breed. As the German Rex was developed, cats were imported to other parts of Europe and to the US.

The wavy coat of this cat arises through the same mutant gene that appears in the Cornish Rex, which for some years was included in German Rex breeding programs; in some countries, the two breeds are not recognized as separate.

A good-natured and friendly cat, the German Rex will play with anyone but also likes quiet times staying close to its owners. Since the short coat does not absorb natural oils efficiently, regular bathing is necessary.

Cats with paler coat colors may need sun screen on the ears during summer.

Origin: Germany, 1940s

Breed registries: FIFe

Weight range: 6–10lb (2.5–4.5kg)

Grooming: 2–3 times a week

Colors and patterns: All colors, shades, and patterns.