Cat Parasites and Diseases

Cat sitting on a carpet.


Mucopolysaccharidosis is an inherited disorder that has been documented in Siamese cats. It results from an enzyme deficiency that allows polysaccharide carbohydrates to accumulate within the cells of the body. The skeletal system is particularly affected, with stricken cats suffering from bony spurs on the vertebrae, arthritis and abnormal formation of the joints, and a …

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Cat with a collar looking out a window.

Metabolic Bone Disease

Metabolic bone diseases are characterized by a thinning and loss of bony mass, predisposing the bone to fractures and growth deformities. The most common metabolic bone disease seen in dogs and cats is hyperparathyroidism. This condition is characterized by a calcium deficiency within the body that leads to abnormal bone growth and bone resorption as …

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Gray cat looking up.

Cat Osteomyelitis

Infections involving bony tissue within the body are termed osteomyelitis. Bacterial osteomyelitis in cats can occur secondary to a deep bite wound or some other type of penetrating trauma. Open fractures can also predispose to bone infections. Furthermore, fungal organisms, such as histoplasmosis and blastomycosis, can also spread from other areas of the body via …

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Grey and white cat resting on the ground.

Arthritis Due to Autoimmune Disease

Sometimes, an overactive immune system can lead to an arthritic condition. In these instances, immune complexes consisting of antibodies coalesce within the joints of the body, causing inflammation. The resultant polyarthritis can be very painful and debilitating. Fever and a generalized depression are also features of these diseases. Many cats that suffer from immunity-related polyarthritis …

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Cat laying on her back.

Cat’s Arthritis and Degenerative Joint Diseases

Arthritis is the term used in both human and veterinary medicine to describe any type of joint inflammation. Polyarthritis describes inflammation involving multiple joints throughout the body. This inflammation might be accompanied by loss of cartilage or bony changes within the joint(s) in question. Causes of arthritis in cats include infections, autoimmune diseases, and trauma. …

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Cat resting on the floor.

Deafness in Cats

Veterinarians are often confronted by frustrated pet owners claiming that their pet is going deaf! Now, whether this is a valid claim or rather an actual ploy conceived by a defiant subject will not be known until a thorough ear examination is performed. A pet’s apparent inability to perceive sounds can result for a number …

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Ruptured Eardrums

Eardrums can tear or rupture as the result of direct trauma from a foreign body (a twig, cotton-tip applicator, etc.), sudden pressure changes, or, most commonly, as a secondary complication due to otitis externa. Although a serious and painful condition, a torn eardrum will heal quite quickly provided the underlying cause of the perforation is …

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Grey cat with blue eyes.

Cat’s Ear Mites

Otodectes cynotis is the mite that most commonly inhabits the ear canals of cats. These tiny parasites, which are transmitted by close contact with other infected animals, live on the skin surface within the ear and feed on body fluids. Their presence irritates the glands lining the ear canal, leading to an increased cerumen production. …

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