Cat Parasites and Diseases

Cat resting on the floor.


Paralysis can be defined as a disruption of the nervous system leading to an impairment of motor function and/or feeling to a particular region or regions of the body. This impairment can be in the form of a spasticity of the muscles in the involved region, or these muscles may become completely limp. In either …

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Cat sitting on top of a chair.

Cat Seizures

Those who own a pet that has suffered from seizures know firsthand how scary these episodes can be. A seizure is defined as uncontrollable behavior or muscle activity caused by an abnormal increase in the brain’s nervous activities. Epilepsy is a term used to describe recur- ring seizures. Seizural activity in cats can be quite …

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Cat resting her head on the edge of the table.

Hypokalemic Myopathy (Potassium Depletion) in Cats

As an electrolyte, potassium serves a variety of functions within the body, including maintaining proper fluid volume and pH. Potassium is also necessary for normal muscle contraction. Many illnesses in cats can also produce deficiencies in this electrolyte, or hypokalemia, within their bodies. This is especially true for those cats suffering from kidney disease, liver …

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