British Shorthair-Smoke cat sitting on top of her scratching post.

British Shorthair-Smoke Cat Breed

This breed’s hidden silver undercoat creates a distinctive effect, making it a popular showcat.

A Smoke cat can look as though it is just one color, until it moves or its fur is parted to reveal a narrow silver band at the base of the hairs. This is the effect of the “silver” gene, which inhibits the development of color in the coat, and which British Shorthair Smokes inherited from the silver tabbies in their ancestry.

Smoke coloration is even more subtly attractive in the tortie version, which has two colors in the topcoat.

To create a smoke coat without any ghost tabby markings is difficult and makes this a rare British Shorthair color.

Origin: UK, 1800s

Breed registries: CFA, FIFe, GCCF, TICA

Weight range: 9–18 lb (4–8 kg)

Grooming: Weekly

Colors and patterns: Smoke pattern in all solid colors, and in tortie and pointed patterns.