British Longhair cat sitting.

British Longhair Cat Breed

This chunky, handsome cat has a long, flowing coat and a happy-go-lucky nature.

Known as the Lowlander in the US and the Britanica in Europe, this cat is the longer-haired cousin of the British Shorthair. The two are identical in body shape, sharing the same sturdy build, massive head, and round face, and both come in the same range of colors.

Not all pedigree cat registries regard the British Longhair as a separate breed. Regardless of its official status, this cat makes an excellent pet, since it has a calm, easygoing, people-loving temperament. The long coat needs moderate grooming to keep it tangle-free.

Origin: UK, 1800s

Breed registries: TICA

Weight range: 9–18lb (4–8kg)

Grooming: 2–3 times a week

Colors and patterns: Same colors and patterns as recognized in the British Shorthair.