Bambino cat posing next to a peach.

Bambino Cat Breed

This strange-looking new breed is gentle but lively, has an affectionate personality, and makes an amusing companion.

This 21st-century experimental dwarf breed is one of the most extraordinary of all designer cats. Developed in the US as a hybrid of the Munchkin and the hairless Sphynx, the Bambino is extremely short-legged with large ears and a heavily wrinkled skin that looks entirely naked, although it is usually covered with very fine peach-fuzz hair.

Both short-legged and long-legged kittens can be born in the same litter. Despite its dainty appearance, this cat is strong and athletic, with firm muscles and a sturdy bone structure, and is able to run, jump, and climb. It is also intelligent and highly sociable.

However, the lack of fur means that the Bambino is vulnerable to strong sun and low temperatures, and must be kept as an indoor pet. Grooming should consist of regular bathing to prevent a buildup of natural skin oils.

The Minskin

In another twist on the Munchkin–Sphynx cross, an American breeder, Paul McSorley, developed another short-legged cat, which he called the Minskin. The breed’s name derives from the combination of miniature and skin.

Although the name implies a lack of fur, this cat has fine fuzzy body hair, aside from a bald belly. It differs from the Bambino in having dense furpoints on the head and ears, legs, and tail. McSorley introduced Devon Rex and Burmese cats into the mix until he achieved his goal. The Minskin comes in all color variations, including tabby and colorpoint.

Origin: US, 2000s

Breed registries: TICA

Weight range: 5–9lb (2–4kg)

Grooming: 2–3 times a week

Colors and patterns: All colors, shades, and patterns.