Asian-Burmilla Cat Breed

An enchanting cat with delightful looks and temperament, this breed gets along well with children and other pets.

When the accidental mating of a lilac Burmese with a Persian Chinchilla in 1981 produced a litter of kittens with exceptionally beautiful coats, their owner was encouraged to experiment with further breeding.

The result was the Burmilla, a cat of elegant Asian proportions, with large, appealing eyes and a delicately shaded or tipped coat; a longhaired version also occurs. Although still uncommon, this charming and intelligent breed is becoming increasingly popular.

It possesses something of the zany character of the Burmese, modified by the quieter nature of the Chinchilla. The Burmilla enjoys games but will readily settle on a lap for a peaceful snooze.

Origin: UK, 1980s

Breed registries: FIFe, GCCF

Weight range: 9–15lb (4–7kg)

Grooming: 2–3 times a week

Colors and patterns: Many shaded colors, including lilac, black, brown, blue, and tortie, with silver or golden ground color.