Arabian Mau cat sitting in front of another cat.

Arabian Mau Cat Breed

A desert cat that is well adapted to home life, this breed is active and curious and retains its natural hunting instincts.

A breed native to the Arabian Peninsula, this cat was a desert dweller that migrated to city streets when human populations encroached on its habitat. In 2004, breeding programs to develop the Arabian Mau were started, with the goal of preserving the cat’s original traits and natural hardiness.

With its high energy levels and need for mental stimulation, this breed can be a handful and will not be content to spend much time lazing around. The Arabian Mau is, however, both loyal and affectionate, and sympathetic owners usually find it a highly rewarding pet.

Origin: UAE, 2000s (modern breed)

Breed registries: None

Weight range: 7–15lb (3–7kg)

Grooming: Weekly

Colors and patterns: Various solid colors and patterns, including tabby and bicolor.