American Curl cat sitting.

American Curl Cat Breed

Elegant and engaging, this cat is curious and exuberant, and its kittenlike personality makes it a loving companion.

The first American Curls were longhaired like the founding female of the breed, which was discovered in California. The shorthaired version was developed later and is essentially the same cat in a different coat. Big-eyed and elegantly proportioned, the American Curl is extremely attractive.

The curled ears, which may appear within a week of birth, add a touch of designer chic, although the mutation is an entirely natural phenomenon. This breed, noted for its sweet temperament, forms a close attachment to its family and always wants to know what is going on in the household.

Origin: US, 1980s

Breed registries: CFA, FIFe, TICA

Weight range: 7–11lb (3–5kg)

Grooming: Weekly

Colors and patterns: All colors, shades, and patterns.